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I am Ms. Hafeeza B. Majeed, a highly-qualified Georgia educator-turned education entrepreneur.  My professional education career was preceded by twenty years as a successful Community Organizer, commencing in 1980, followed by my political candidacy in 1994.  In conjunction with my candidacy,

I established Arkansas' 1st male mentoring program, "African American Male Mentors ThinkTank."  Over the course of my career, I have consistently advocated publicly for students, birth through adulthood, to be afforded equity and excellence in high-quality educational experiences that prepare them for advancement in the global 21st-century workforce and  entrepreneurial society.

As the proud recipient of the 1994 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,  Community
Leader Service Award, Little Rock, AR, I produced and hosted "African
American Male Mentors Thinktank," a local Black Entertainment Television (BET) community show designed to highlight and award the local and national accomplishments of African American males.  The incomparable and diverse list of guests on the weekly TV show included, but is not limited to, Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu, author/consultant; Muhammad Ali, American professional boxer, activist and philanthropist; B.B. King, American singer/songwriter; Superintendent, Dr. Henry P. Williams, former Syracuse Schools Chief;          Dr. Eugene E. Eubanks, nationally-known and widely-published education authority; and the late John W. Walker, Arkansas Civil Rights Attorney and politician.

Commencing in 2005, in Kansas City, Missouri, thru today, 2020, following my unequaled service to both education and the Arkansas community, my creative vision resulted in the birth of "Courageous Conversations About Education" - 'Ask A Teacher' ( a national and international weekly online talk show, which I produce and host.  The purpose of "Courageous Conversations About Education" - 'Ask a Teacher,' is to engage diverse audiences in traditional and nontraditional education-centered topics that result in stimulating and action-oriented discussions by students, parents, professional educators, community and business sponsors.

Additionally, I am the proud mother of seven industrious, millennial and Gen Z children, who, themselves, are the proud parents of my eleven  grandchildren.  As a current resident of Atlanta, GA, my formal education includes undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Missouri, Kansas City, (UMKC).

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