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Throughout 2021, the new and improved "COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS ABOUT EDUCATION" - 'Ask A Teacher' will become a monthly online talk show, thus, one-third of the collaborative triad of EDUCATE3.COM

The purpose of "COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS ABOUT EDUCATION" - 'Ask A Teacher' is to sponsor traditional and nontraditional education-focused topics that result in stimulating and action-oriented discussions by students, parents, professional educators, community and business sponsors. Yours truly, Ms. Hafeeza B. Majeed, a highly-qualified educator-entrepreneur and established community advocate is the talk show's producer and host. Our new version of the talk show will air, 7 pm, ET via Zoom.


Every year on Super Bowl Sunday, a special edition, "SUPER COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS SUNDAY," is sponsored by "Courageous Conversations About Education" - 'Ask A Teacher.' We are serious about the importance of EDUCATION and adamantly maintain that EDUCATION is always 1st.  Thus, only on Super Bowl Sunday, "SUPER COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS SUNDAY" airs at 11 AM, ET, thereby always focusing on EDUCATION, 1st, always prior to the beginning of the Super Bowl Kickoff!  

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